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Michael Peech, an award –winning Canadian fine art and contemporary artist paints out of his studio in Grafton, Ontario, a 90-minute drive east of Toronto. Working primarily on canvas with acrylics, oils and various mixed mediums, Peech works to bring together light and colour in varied and unique stylings.

After a hiatus from painting, Michael has moved from the city to bring new influences and experiences to his paintings. Country living has inspired a new palette and range of subjects for the artist to work with. Michael Peech’s work has been featured in exhibitions and galleries across Canada and his paintings are in private collections throughout North America and Europe.

Peech Artworks Goes Outdoors

Our friends at Off the Wall On the Fence are committed to delivering beauty through quality art to enhance outdoor spaces.

They are introducing a new way of thinking about decorating outdoor spaces by taking the familiar idea of art “off the wall” inside our homes and placing it “on the fence”.

What they offer:

Weatherproof, durable and beautiful printed artwork produced purposefully for outdoor spaces.  An ability to customize prints and  personal photos. Products made to order by size, framing, and image selection for a truly customized result. Expert consultation for more complex solutions.

Please contact us to find out how you can transform your favourite Peech Artworks original into your outdoor space.